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Sandora was formed in 1995. The Company is domestic juice market leader already more than 18 years. According to the independent researches Sandora’s share is more than 46% of total retail sales of juices, nectars and drinks in Ukraine.

Production capacity of the company include two plants: juice production and soft drinks production in Mykolayiv region (Mykolayivske village and Meshkovo-Pogorelovo village), and has its own production of seasonal fruits and vegetables processing. Total project facility of these entities is among 1,5 billion packs of juice and juice products annually. Total daily productivity of Sandora is more than 4 millions of packs. Company’s staff is more than 3.2 thousands of persons.

Today Sandora is leader of juice and nectars production. This is the result of Company’s innovation development, perfecting of manufacturing processes, new products development, using of advanced technologies.

Today Sandora products portfolio consists of 21 trade marks:


TM Sandora;
TM Sandora Exclusive;
TM Sandora Sik do snidanku»;
TM Sandora Vegetable cocktail»;
TM Sandorik;
TM Sadochok;
TM Nikolayevskiy Sokoviy Zavod;
TM Bonus

Ice tea:


Carbonated drinks:

TM Pepsi;
TM Pepsi Light;
TM Pepsi MAX;
TM Pepsi+1;
TM Mirinda


TM Sviatkova Collekciya

Energy drink:

TM Adrenaline Rush


TM Lay's;
TM Lay's MAX;
TM Lay's Strong



Customer’s taste preferences are top-priority for Sandora, the range of Company’s products include more than 200 positions, which can supply wants of any customer choosing his own taste and tastes combination from all the diversity.

Sandora trade missions service most of Ukrainian territory. Sandora Ltd exports 20% of its products or 60% of Ukrainian juice export. Company’s products are represented in more than 20 countries all over the world: United States of America, Great Britain, Germany, Sweden, Israel, Greece, Poland, Canada, and in neighbor states – Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Turkmenistan and Tajikistan.

Recognizing index of Sandora products is 90%. This is the highest index among all juice and juice products producers in Ukraine. Sandora products are represented in all price categories; they are available for any income brackets.

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